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There are no substitutions for insights gained from directly engaging your target audience about their experiences with a service, product, or message.

What We Do

We help clients navigate the dynamic process of evaluation and discovery when success depends on creating an impactful persuasive message. 

Focus Groups

Focus groups offer a valuable way to explore attitudes among your key audiences. We offer a variety of project formats...

Mock Trials

We understand the pressures faced by trail teams preparing for court. From significant first-hand experience we also know that the dynamics..

Email & Phone Surveys

Large sample surveys, questionnaires or sampling strategy, we are on the top of data collection and can help guide you through your choices...

Content Research

Telling a great story or advancing a narrative with well researched, thoughtful messages will attract and hold an audience...

Public Affairs Polling

News outlets are always interested in valid research that relates to breaking news, emerging trends, or consumer and lifestyle topics...

Participate In A Survey

Interested in participating in one of our surveys? We often have opportunities to share your opinion and get paid for it...

News & Case Studies

Learning From Experience

Crantford Columns

Well designed and valid message research provides a way to test theories, discover options and design a winning strategy with confidence. Crantford Research is a boutique firm that specializes in research methods related to decision making. Read more about our studies, results, tips, and news.

SCIndex Statewide Survey Returns

For a number of years, we conducted an in-house quarterly South Carolina statewide voter survey. It was always a fun project. When we had space,

A Year Ago

The addition of a first-class webcam to our research tool box made all the difference in the world in 2020. Our last live focus group

Social Media Work Arounds

The DIY work around on the limits of social media reviews is pretty simple. The best predictive data on any public background review is data

3 Key DIY Issues

For the next series of posts, we will be focusing on ways to improve DIY approaches to jury and case presentation research. In these blogs

DIY Trial Research Hacks

For every trial attorney, Do It Yourself research is often a great first step when thinking through case dynamics and jury selection strategies. Simply finding

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