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Well designed, valid message research provides a way to test theories, discover options and design a winning strategy.

Today, methods for executing research come in all types of packages. Crantford Research is a boutique firm that specializes in research methods related to decision making. Our research platforms range from face-to-face interviews, discussion groups, text to text interviewing, live video focus groups, panel studies, email and telephone/live operator administrated surveys.


focus groups / direct interviewing






Qualitative Research

Demand for qualitative projects is growing significantly. New research formats are emerging, increasing the impact this dynamic area of investigation is having on message creation and testing. Crantford Research has great experience executing qualitative research projects. The firm has fielded hundreds of studies and has extremely well trained and experienced moderators. Crantford Research offers a full set of choices for clients exploring qualitative projects.

Focus Groups

Focus groups offer a valuable way to explore attitudes among key audiences. Crantford Research has extensive experience working with focus group facilities, managing pop-up projects, and executing multiple day mock trials. On target recruiting, experienced moderators and detailed project management make our qualitative projects highly productive. We offer turn-key services or will take a specific project role as part of a research team.

Focus Group Moderation

Our moderators have skills refined by leading hundreds of groups across a wide variety of topics. Our moderators are not only trained in the art of focus group moderation, they are skilled results-oriented analysts. In person or online we have the skilled moderators who can execute your project.

Discussion Facilitators

Often organizations need a neutral voice to lead problem-solving exercises or simply get feedback on a new project or issue. We have trained facilitators who will keep a discussion session productive and on track. Our facilitators are experienced in leading policy town hall discussions, employee roundtables, as well as administering interactive live polls in a group setting. ​

Individual or Small Group Interviews

Some research objectives can only be met through a rather lengthy interview/discussion with a decision maker or customer. These sessions might take place in a research facility, during a shopping experience, or in a respondent’s home or office. In-depth interviews (IDIs) help reveal the underlying emotional roadmap that influences decision making.

Large Sample Email and Phone Surveys

If you are considering executing a large sample survey, need a questionnaire or a sampling strategy then we can help guide you through your choices. We are on top of the data collection issues connected with the disappearance of landlines and know the risks associated with each of the most utilized data collection methods.

Questionnaire Development

Questionnaires for a phone sample and an email sample are very different documents. We know the difference and have experience with both.


We know the math and how to think through the likelihood of producing the needed results within a desired margin of error. We acquire all project samples from experienced and knowledgeable vendors.

Phone and Email Data Collection

We utilize various email platforms for data collection. All of our telephone data collection is executed by trained and managed live operators.

Mix Methods

There are many creative approaches for combing data collection methods in order to minimize the barriers that plague so many traditional projects. Increasingly, large sample “text” panels are blending qualitative and quantitative design elements producing dynamic results within a large sample framework.

Text and On-line Group and Panel Research

Video Focus Groups

We can organize, host and field online focus groups. This technology eliminates the barriers of travel and distance when recruiting for a group. Online video groups speed up the reporting and transcription process. In an online format we can provide visuals to the discussion group, allow participants to vote and maintain the same interactive environment that is present in a face-to-face focus group.

Interactive Bulletin Boards and Text Groups

Text to text interviewing is providing interesting results for reaching and involving respondents in both short term and long-term research projects. With text surveys, research project participants can respond to questions and record experiences that are directed by the moderator at their own pace. Sometimes this is done one-on-one. In other projects, groups of respondents may be engaged with one or multiple research questions.

Content Creation and Public Affairs Polling

Telling a great story or advancing a narrative with well researched thoughtful messages will attract and hold an audience.  Crantford Research began as a public affairs polling firm and continues to do significant work in this arena. Each month we analyze data from both phone and email surveys that touch on a number of subjects. There is no longer one way to produce large sample results. With new digital platforms and survey apps, options for fielding a questionnaire have expanded significantly. We have the experience with multiple data collection platforms and the relationships with key vendors to take on any size project.

Public Relations Polling

News outlets are always interested in valid research that relates to breaking news, emerging trends, or consumer and lifestyle topics. Commissioning research and releasing data through email, web reports, news conferences is a highly effective way to generate awareness for an issue, cause, client or area of expertise. We are happy to team with organizations interested in exploring public opinion in order to build awareness for issues and topics. We often comment for the media on research issues and have the professional experience to guide clients on how best to create valid, meaningful research results that will make news.

Content Research

Great content builds audiences for your social media efforts. Attracting, engaging ad building loyalty requires giving your target audiences information they want to engage with. In a world where performance is measured by CTR and CPC having interesting content is a must. Understanding your audiences and creating narratives that tell your story in a way that attracts and holds interest is an essential marketing activity for any business. We have a number of content specialist on staff who can help find your story.

Let us help your business find a narrative or produce news worthy data that will allow you
to engage your target audience.

Trial Focus Groups and Consulting

Our Experience Sets Us Apart

Crantford Research understands the pressures faced by trial teams preparing for court. From significant first-hand experience we also know that the dynamics of a court case make it different from any other type of communications or decision-making research project.

Crantford Research’s services offers budget conscious solutions for trial teams seeking every opportunity to build a winning case. We have the experience, training, track record and command of valid research methods to help test and build trial narratives – regardless of the complexity of the case.

Our first case involved litigation resulting from the 1994 US Air crash outside of Charlotte, NC.  Since that time, we have worked on a wide variety of civil and criminal projects. Our methods are project specific, but we have experience in setting up and managing every form of focus group or mock trial. Case specific services, which might include jury selection support, are also available.

Crantford Research offers advanced multi-staged techniques for testing potential juror reactions to trial arguments. Our Focus Plus approach uses open-end discussion, structured questionnaires as well as post discussion follow-up interviews to produce clearer insights into what factors are converging to mold decision making.

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Our team is ready to discuss your goals and execute your project. At Crantford Research, we treat every client as an opportunity to provide high-quality results and build long-lasting relationships. Let’s talk today!