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From online or in person focus groups to large sample polling – we can unlock how your target audience feels, regards or experiences your product or message.

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We help clients navigate the dynamic process of evaluation and discovery with our innovative research services. 

Focus Groups

Focus groups offer a valuable way to explore attitudes among your key audiences. We offer a variety of project formats...

Mock Trials

We understand the pressures faced by trial teams preparing for court. From significant first-hand experience we also know that the dynamics..

Email & Phone Surveys

Large sample surveys, questionnaires or sampling strategy, online, text or email - we help guide you through your choices...

Content Research

Telling a great story or advancing a narrative with well researched, thoughtful messages will attract and hold an audience...

Public Affairs Polling

News outlets are always interested in valid research that relates to breaking news, emerging trends, or consumer and lifestyle topics...

Participate In A Survey

Interested in participating in one of our surveys? We often have opportunities to share your opinion and get paid for it...

Discover Your Best Message Strategy 

Looking to craft a great message for a new public relations campaign? Curious how customers will react to a change in marketing materials? Need to test arguments for an upcoming high stakes legal trial? We can help.

Crantford Research has been executing qualitative market research projects for marketing, advertising, public affairs, and law firms for over 25 years. Serving clients across the southeast, Crantford Research is centrally located in Columbia, South Carolina and provides both in-person and online focus group moderation and recruitment services. For decision makers looking for an edge, Crantford Research provides all the services needed for competitor keyword research, trial focus groups, mock trails, in-depth customer interviews and dial group creative testing.

Work with Experienced Analysts

Well-designed qualitative research has a way of creating fresh perspectives on complex communications issues. Usually there is no shortage of data available for decision makers plotting a change. But hearing directly from customers is always a great way to enliven the number crunching, illuminate new solutions and clarify decision making options. Listening to the voice of the customer with well-crafted discussion groups, brings a powerful dimension to the decision-making process. Focus groups bring to the forefront the emotional reactions to a message, product or marketing positioning that play a significant role in structuring customer consideration and intent.

When you work with us, you will have access to all the options for generating qualitative market research insights that often hide behind the spreadsheets. We offer customized qualitative research solutions, including:

  • Mock Trials
  • Trial Focus Groups
  • Online or live message testing programs
  • Competitor Keyword Research

Better insights – better decisions

With our qualitative market research platforms and our unique approach to focus group moderation, we offer clients many services for generating insights into their audience’s decision making. We also are bringing the technology of search engines to our inquiries. By conducting competitor keyword research, we can look at the different ways your product, service or position are being framed by your competition. This analysis helps identify new ways to think about keyword strategies and supporting search related recognition building activities.

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